Walnut Virginia Chest

A lovely, solid walnut, four drawer chest of drawers from Virginia. Made during the end of the 18th century, this chest has a lot going for it. First, it is made out of walnut and has yellow pine as a  secondary wood.  Made to compete with mahogany pieces, the cabinet maker was careful to select a light walnut and made the piece with the refinements one normally associates with mahogany.These include string inly and the “in” French splayed bracket foot. However, it is the overall form of the chest that really drives home the point. This plain and simple form at the top and the case is what is called a “Chinese case”. This form was very popular in Virginia, especially in the area of Williamsburg. Most predate this one but there is no mistaking that influence. When put together with its age, this chest most likely came out of the Norfolk area. The cabinet trade was starting to really take off in the late 18th century in Norfolk but Williamsburg’s influence is clearly still seen here. “Clean and neat”…just the way Virginians in the late 18th century liked their furniture. 

Overall, this piece is in excellent condition. We were not the first to restore this piece. While the feet are original, the feet facings are partially restored. the drawer pulls are replaced but accurate. The kite keyhole escutcheons are original. It is a great size at 40” wide, 19” deep, and 38 ¼” tall. Most likely made around 1790, it could go as late at 1800. Most likely Norfolk but definitely Eastern Virginia. 

Price: $3695

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