41.5″ Round Gold Leaf Mirror

This is one of the most spectacular mirrors we have ever had the honor of owning. Measuring 41.5″ in diameter, this piece nothing short of “breathtaking”. Originally, it probably held a painting. Now, it holds a beautiful, beveled mirror we had custom made for it.Look closely at the craftsmanship on the frame. At the top, sides, and bottom are a delightfully, detailed set of flowers. They wrap on to the on either side of the frame giving the appearance that they are simply “resting” there. On the interior of the molding is a highly ornate raised pattern. Meanwhile, the exterior of the frame is more simple. The contrast really makes the frame “pop”. The vast majority of the gold leaf is original with only a few minor repairs done by us. The picture of the bottom grouping of flowers is the most accurate for color.  American. Circa 1875, very possibly earlier.

A note, this is the only large gold leaf frame we have ever had the honor of owning. If one is looking for large and round, we strongly urge you consider this. We doubt we will ever own another.

Price: $4,975

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