Other Antiques

Rare Pair of Pewter Candlesticks

Rare Pair of Pewter Candlesticks, Circa 1850

A fantastic pair of pewter candle sticks with the original push-ups. Pewter candlesticks are not easy to find.


Pair of Beehive Brass Candlesticks

Pair of Beehive Brass Candlesticks, Circa 1860

A pretty pair of solid brass candlesticks. The center of the sticks looks like a beehive, hence the name beehive candlesticks.


Brass & Wrought Iron Andirons

Pair of Brass and Wrought Iron Andirons, Circa 1910

An unusual pair wrought iron andirons with brass finials.  These pieces are definitely handmade but date from the early 20th century.  The stand 28/25″ tall, 9/75″ wide, and 26″ deep.


Pair of Gold Leaf Mirrors

A Pair of Gold Leaf Mirrors

A pair of gold leaf mirrors are a rare find.  This pair have a most unusual shape.  They are 28.75″ tall and 25″ wide.


George III Mirror

A George III Mirror, Parcel-Gilt. It is 52″ tall and 23″ wide.  Circa 1890.  American.


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