Fukagawa Imari Bowl

A stunning Imari bowl with bold blue colors. The blue is so vibrant. It is enhanced by applied gold decoration which does show some wear from use on the inside. (more…)

Octagonal Imari Plate

This sweet, Imari plate is something to behold. First, the octagon shape is rare and very desirable. The edge is lipped which gives it now depth. (more…)

Imari Charger, 18.25″ Dia.

A lovely, Imari charger. This beautiful piece is in outstanding condition with not damage or repairs. It is a great size at 18.25″. (more…)

Nest of Imari Bowls

A beautiful set of Imari, nesting bowls. The octagon shape and bright decorations make these bowls really pop. They can be displayed nested or separate. (more…)

Rare Canton Tea Caddy

Rare Canton Tea Caddy

An extraordinarily rare Canton Tea Caddy with its original lid. This caddy is six sided. The art work flows into one scene with a definable beginning and end. (more…)

Rose Medallion Punch Bowl

Rose Medallion Punch Bowl

A beautiful, Rose Medallion punch bowl. It is a grand piece at 14 5/8” diameter and 6 1/8” tall. (more…)

Jackfield Lions

Jackfield Lions

A majestic pair of Jackfield lions. Commonly thought to be Staffordshire, they are in fact made by Jackfield. (more…)

Grand Imari Bowl

WOW! Somehow, the word just doesn’t this piece justice. This large Imari bowl makes a huge visual impact when one sees it for the first time. The raised panels are beautifully decorate with gold and brilliant colors. (more…)

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