Grand Imari Bowl

WOW! Somehow, the word just doesn’t this piece justice. This large Imari bowl makes a huge visual impact when one sees it for the first time. The raised panels are beautifully decorate with gold and brilliant colors.The decorations on the panels repeats every 5th panel. There are 20 panels in total. Take these ornate decorations and colors, couple them with the rolled sides and this piece demands attention. It stands 7 ½” tall and has a mighty girth of 13” at its widest. If one wants a show stopper, this is it. If you are a collector, this piece could be your “crowned jewel”. This is the only bowl of this size and form we have ever owned and it is likely to be the only one. Simply put, this piece a “rock star”. It is in excellent condition with only light wear. Japanese. Circa 1885.

Price: SOLD

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