Incredible Partner’s Desk

“Holy Smokes”, “Wow”. <a whistle>! None of these adequately reflect the visual impact this desk makes when it is seen for the first time. If one wants a desk to impress, this is it! This desk is a “slab” desk.That means the top lifts off and leaves 2 pedestals. This makes the desk easy to move. It can go up and down steps without difficulty. Both sides of each pedestal are paneled. While the leather top is not new, it is in excellent condition. The embossing really helps the top to “pop”. One side of the desk is all drawers. Meanwhile, the other side has drawers and 2 doors for storage. Overall, the desk is 35 5/8” deep, 60 3/8” wide, and 30 ½” tall. The pulls have been replaced but they are accurate and look good on it. Made out of English Oak, it is veneered in burl walnut. English. Circa 1890.

Price: $8495

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