Map of Virginia, C. 1650

This wonderful map of Virginia was derived from Captain John Smith’s map of 1612. While amazingly accurate, this map shows Jamestown (Lameftowne). In the upper left corner is Chief Powhatan with his wives and children.On the right is a Susquehanna chief in a European pose. Look closely at all of the items on his person. Each was chosen for a specific and symbolic reason. Overall, Bleau’s map is one of the prettiest early maps. Originally owned by Jodocus Hondius Jr. in 1618, Willem Bleau purchased the places from his widow shortly after his death in 1629. Blaeu went on to have a long career and published this map between 1647-1664. We know this by the Dutch writing on the back. Overall, this printing is wonderfully clear and the paper in excellent condition. While we do not believe the coloring is original, nor do we think it is “new” either. This “older” coloring is done in the style of Bleau and is well executed. It has been properly framed by us. The frame is 31” by 27” and the image is 20 ¼” by 16 ½”. English. 1647-1664.

The closeups are the most accurate for actual color.

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