Pair of Candlestands

Pairs of tables are always good and this pair is particularly sweet. Made out of maple, this pair of candlestands have dish tops and beautifully turned balusters. The style of the top and balusters is Queen Anne.However, the feet are very unique and defy definition. While the feet and leg are all made out of one piece of wood, the upturned/ball foot can only be termed “country Queen Anne”. Overall, the tables do have a Queen Anne feel and could be thought of as period. They are not. One of the legs was loose when we purchased it. The legs are joined to the baluster by hand hewed dowels. This accounts for the later date.

The tables stand 28 ¼” tall. The tops are 18 3/4 “ by 19 ¼”. The difference is wood shrinkage. This amount of shrinkage in maple makes one want to date them early. All of this is a rough way of dating them somewhere between 1835-1875. The top of one of the tables has experienced more use than the other. This can be clearly seen in the pictures. The most accurate picture for color is probably the first one with the tables separated by a chair. Neither top is perfectly flat but they are completely usable and the tables are strong. In the end, they are a beautiful pair and ready to be used. American. Circa 1845-1875.

Price: $1995

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