Nest of Imari Bowls

A beautiful set of Imari, nesting bowls. The octagon shape and bright decorations make these bowls really pop. They can be displayed nested or separate. [Read more…]

Grand Imari Bowl

WOW! Somehow, the word just doesn’t this piece justice. This large Imari bowl makes a huge visual impact when one sees it for the first time. The raised panels are beautifully decorate with gold and brilliant colors. [Read more…]

Kutani Sculpture

Kutani Sculpture

An amazing Kutani sculpture of the Japanese god, Oniwaki. Kutani statuary is rare and this piece is exceptional. The fish is standard Kutani style and color. [Read more…]

16” Imari Charger

A beautiful, 16” Imari Charger with scalloped and ribbed edges. It features 6 panels alternating foo dogs and phoenixes. [Read more…]

Imari Shell Platter

A very unusually Imari platter in the shape of a shell. The shell form is typically seen in Chinese pieces but it is very unusual for Imari. [Read more…]

Petite Pair of Kutani Vases

A delightful, pair of Kutani vases. At 9 ½” tall, the size and shape really grab the eye. This unusual form is slim and pleasing. [Read more…]

Pair of Ground Blue Vases

Ground blue Satsuma vases are always a favorite and this pair delivers. Standing 8 ½” tall and 4 ½” in diameter, this pair is beautiful. [Read more…]

Imari Punch Bowl

Imari Punch Bowl

A lovely, Imari punch bowl. The scene appears to be a depiction of the Giant Karp and Oniwaki-Maru. Standing 6″ tall, it is 14 3/4″ in diameter this piece has a significant presence. The deep blue border is almost black on in the interior and exterior. (If it appears lighter in color, that is only from the flash.) Overall, it is in very good condition with some minor wear. The wear is inside the bowl near the center and there is some gold guilt loss on the large flowers on the interior. (See the exterior for what they would have originally looked like.) However, the wear is not readily noticeable and the piece is priced accordingly.  Japanese, Circa 1885.