Refectory Table

This handsome long table is most commonly referred to as a “refectory table”. A Refectory was an area used by monks to eat in monasteries. [Read more…]

Incredible Partner’s Desk

“Holy Smokes”, “Wow”. <a whistle>! None of these adequately reflect the visual impact this desk makes when it is seen for the first time. If one wants a desk to impress, this is it! This desk is a “slab” desk. [Read more…]

Small Yellow Pine Cupboard

“What a cool little cupboard.” This delightfully, petite cupboard made out of yellow pine. Originally built during the second half of the 19th century, this piece was built for rugged use and has survived in amazingly good condition. It has 2 doors and two interior shelves. It is only 43 ¼” tall, 32 ½” wide, and 17 ¾” deep. While the hinges are 20th century replacements, the piece remains in relatively untouched condition. Overall, it really is a sweet piece. Attributed to Virginia. 

Price: $795

Master Work Tall Case Clock

“Impressive!” may be the first word that comes to mind when one sees this clock for the first time. Made out of beautiful mahogany, the clock has a glow and warmth that draws one in. Starting from the top, the bonnet is incredible. The plinths are inlaid in broad stripes that continue below the molded broken arch. The center plinth curves down into the molding above the door and ends in a fine point.  The rosettes at the top of the broken arch are inlaid stars. On either side of the face are two columns which are fluted. The columns feature stop fluting that is inlaid to match the work stemming from the plinths. The visual effect of the bonnet is amazing. In addition, the face is sweet and features flowers.

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Pair of Imari Chargers

A lovely pair of Imari chargers. Measuring 18” in diameter, they make quite the statement. The decorations are bold and colorful. Look at the closeup pictures for the most accurate color. [Read more…]

Large Gold Leaf Mirror

Bold and beautiful, this large gold leaf mirror is a sight to see. Measuring 39″ by 44″, this mirror commands attention. Look closely at the details in the flowers, they are superb. [Read more…]

Masonic Tea Caddy

Masonic Tea Caddy

This nice Hepplewhite “tea caddy” has beautiful inlay all over it. On top of that, it has Masonic symbols inlaid into the front. Anything Masonic is highly sought after by collectors.

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Regency Cellaret

What is that? A common question the first time one sees a Regency cellaret. This particular nice one has a flat top which is the preferred style. With a flat top, this can easily serve as a table beside or between upholstered chairs. [Read more…]