Anglo-Indian Sideboard

“WOW!  What is that!  Is that carving?”

These are the first words that come to mind when one first sees this piece. First, to say it is “amazing, stunning, or unbelievable” simply doesn’t do it. Second, the pictures below simply cannot relate the visual impact this piece has. It’s presence, character, and…awesomeness can only be experienced in person. (more…)

American Chippendale Tea Caddy

American Chippendale Tea Caddy

An incredibly, American, Chippendale tea caddy. How does one know it is American? It has poplar secondary wood used throughout!


Banded 10” Wheel Barometer

Banded 10” Wheel Barometer

This stunning 10” wheel barometer is a show stopper. As beautiful as the dial is, it is the banding around the outside edge that really catches one’s eye. (more…)

Grand Imari Bowl

WOW! Somehow, the word just doesn’t this piece justice. This large Imari bowl makes a huge visual impact when one sees it for the first time. The raised panels are beautifully decorate with gold and brilliant colors. (more…)

Queen Anne Valuables Cabinet

An incredibly rare, two part, valuables cabinet. Made at the beginning of the Queen Anne period, this piece is a marvel. When seeing the piece the first time, the size and style catch the eye immediately. (more…)

Diminutive 2 Part Cupboard

This piece is fantastic! There is so much to say it is hard to know where to start. First, is it a cupboard, a press, or a press cupboard? Technically, it would have been called a press when it was made but today many would call it a cupboard. (more…)

Empire Serving Table

A beautiful and unique Empire serving table. At first glance, the table appears to be a card table. In truth, it is built exactly the same way and style as a gaming table. The top rotates and folds over. (more…)

Large Three Pedestal Duncan Phyfe Dining Table

A majestic, three pedestal, Duncan Phyfe Dining table. This impressive table is a sight to behold at 146 ½” in length. Each leaf is 21”. (more…)

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