Pair of Classic Candlesticks

This pair of brass candlesticks are a classic design. This design originated in the 18th century but came back into style during the middle of the 19th century. [Read more…]

Pair of Beehive Candlesticks

A lovely pair of beehive candlesticks. Made out of solid brass, this pair is in excellent condition. Look closely and one will notice great detail on this particular pair. [Read more…]

Pair of Queen Anne Candlesticks

A stunning pair of Queen Anne candlesticks from the 18th century. The bases are simply marvelous. [Read more…]

Three 17th century candlesticks

Three 17th century candlesticks

A nice, near set of three 17th century candlesticks. We found this set in a home in Chesterfield County. They are almost identical in size and go great together. [Read more…]