Petite Pennsylvania Corner Cupboard

Amazing! Wow! Look at the size, the proportions! Could this be right? HOLY COW! Are but a few of the words that pop into one’s mind when seeing this piece for the first time. The eye does little dances from one element to the next. Finally, it settles, but where? First, the size. [Read more…]

Two-Part Corner Cupboard

A solid Mahogany, two part corner cupboard with an architectural base.  Wall of Troy dental work.  The bottom doors have beautiful, turtle shaped panels.  The luster to the finish is rich.

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Hanging Corner Cupboard

A beautiful Mahogany veneered, hanging corner cupboard with barrel front.  The cornice and molded bottom are a darker solid mahogany.  The interior paint is original.  It takes a 19 1/4″ corner and is 39″ tall.  English.  Circa 1800.

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Dutch Corner Cupboard

A breathtaking, Dutch marquetry corner cupboard with the original finish and feet. This piece is in outstanding condition. The inlay work is amazing and includes tulips, birds, and other flowers. The top interior is covered in a late 19th century wall paper. [Read more…]