Serpentine Front Sideboard

A striking, Hepplewhite sideboard with extensive inlay work. It is impossible to miss all of the incredible inlay work on this piece. One cannot help but start with the inlaid fans in the corners and under the main drawer. (more…)

Collector’s Table

This lovely collector’s table is made out of solid mahogany. Look closely at the wonderfully carved feet. (more…)

Inlaid Stick Barometer

A beautifully inlaid, stick barometer. In working order, this stick barometer has a lot going for it. First, the main stem of the barometer features herring bone, mahogany veneer. (more…)

Fabulous Pair of Corner Cupboards

A fabulous pair of matched corner cupboards with barrel fronts. 

For the first time ever, we are excited and proud to offer a pair of mahogany, barrel front, corner cupboards. To say these are rare, would not do them justice. Made in England around the turn of the 18th century, this pair features a pair of glazed door tops over a pair of bookend matched, flame mahogany. (more…)

Masonic Wheel Barometer

A rare, 8″ wheel barometer with Masonic symbols on the dial. This pretty barometer is a classic form with nice inlay work. However, it is the dial that really makes this piece stand out! (more…)

Captain John Smith’s Map of Virginia

A beautiful engraving of Virginia by Captain John Smith during his adventures in Jamestown, Virginia. It features a brave in the upper right hand side and Chief Powhatan with his children and wives in a grass hut on the left. Jamestown is marked along with Captain’s Smith explorations. (more…)

Capt. John Smith’s Adventures in Early Virginia

A beautiful engraving of the five times Captain John Smith almost died at Jamestown, Virginia. The bottom right shows Pocahontas, famously, saving his life. This engraving was a part of his 2 volume series “The Travels, Adventures, and Observations of Captaine John Smith”. (more…)

Pair of Mirrored Wall Sconces

A striking pair of mirrored wall sconces.  The mirrors feature a cluster of arrows that are etched on the backside of the glass. They do appear to have been resilvered in the past. This beautiful pair of wall sconces still have their original double light sconce arms which are removable. (more…)

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