Queen Anne Secretary

This is the most incredible and outstanding secretary we have ever owned!  It has so much going for it that the eye doesn’t even know where to begin.

At first, one notices the beautiful English walnut used throughout the piece and wonderful luster the finish has. There is banding all over the front and sides of the desk along with herring bone inlay. It should be noted that this herring bone work is repeated throughout the exterior and interior. Quickly, the overall size registers too. It is only 80 5/8” tall, 40” wide, and 23” deep. This size is amazing. (more…)

Three Drawer End Table

A good “high country”, three drawer end table. Overall, the table is made out of solid cherry, including a one board top. Although, it is the Bird’s Eye Maple drawer fronts that steal the show. Highly figured, it really “pops” off the drawer fronts. (more…)

Pair of Upholstered Queen Anne Chairs

A lovely pair of fully upholstered, Queen Anne chairs. This is not a simple pair of dining chairs. These were meant for a formal living room or sitting area.  Always ended for comfort and leisure, these chairs are very rare for their age. Made in the l8th century in Britain, these chairs are wonderful. (more…)

Set of 8 Ball and Claw Chairs

A magnificently carved, set of 8 Chippendale Ball and Claw chairs. The carvings on these chairs is marvelous and at a quick glance looks period. Instead of being 18th century, these bench made chairs date around 1900.This means one gets the look of 225+ years at a much more reasonable price. (more…)

Desk Sets from Victorian to Art Nouveau

A stellar collection of desks sets from 1885-1915. Most are made out of brass. One large piece is bronze and a smaller two piece set is probably a metal allow. The bronze set is the only one we have ever had out of that material. (more…)

Virginia Candlestand With Birdcage

A stunning, birdcage, tilt top, candle stand. This piece is nothing short of marvelous. Made out of solid walnut, the entire table is in outstanding condition. Standing only 28 ½” tall, the one board top is 20 ¾” in diameter and has insert banding near the outer edge. (more…)

Drafting Table or Architect’s Desk

A wonderful, solid mahogany, architect’s desk or drafting table. This desk would have been used by either. The top lifts up and is adjustable. There is a small strip of wood this “pops” out as the top lifts to give support to paper or a book. The front “drawer” slides out to reveal a writing surface. This surface can lift open or slide back to reveal additional storage. Originally, this piece would have had 2 hidden drawers but the slides and drawers are not present. The slides could be replaced. On the right side of the drawer is a spin out compartment meant to hold ink. Each side of the desk has a concealable candle holder, one is original and one is an accurate copy. Most of the hardware is original with only the bale pull and posts being added around the 1900-1925. It would not have had either originally. It is 35 ¾” wide, 23 ½” deep, and 30 ¾” tall when closed. 


This is an incredibly rare piece. It is only the 2nd on we have ever owned. Overall, it is in very good condition. The finish is old and has a nice luster to it. There is a bit of marring that is pictured in a closeup photograph. It looks better in person but we wanted to make sure it is clearly seen by picture. English. Circa 1770.

Price: $5,750

Empire End Table

A lovely, three drawer Empire End Table with drop leaves. The base of the table is very unusual with the two pedestals. This indicates that it probably had a sewing bag. However, the bag was removed a long time ago and has a nice old bottom in the last drawer. (more…)

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