Large Three Pedestal Duncan Phyfe Dining Table

A majestic, three pedestal, Duncan Phyfe Dining table. This impressive table is a sight to behold at 146 ½” in length. Each leaf is 21”. [Read more…]

Two Pedestal Duncan Phyfe Dining Table

A two pedestal Duncan Phyfe style dining room table with banding. This pretty table has a lot going for it. First, the banding, ever popular, is pretty and bold but not overpowering in color. [Read more…]

Single Pedestal Dining Table

A nice, single pedestal Duncan Phyfe dining room table. This dining table is made out of solid mahogany. However, it is the rosewood banding around the top that really sets it off. [Read more…]

Duncan Phyfe Card Table

Duncan Phyfe Card Table

A beautiful Duncan Phyfe card table with maple apron. Duncan Phyfe card tables are not easy to find. This one is better than most. The pedestal and legs are elegant and carve. [Read more…]