Pair of Federal Card Tables

A beautiful pair of mahogany, Federal card tables. Pairs are so hard to come by today, it is always a wonder when they stay together. At first look, the legs really stand out. Each one is carved with nice venting. However, it is the tops that steal the show. [Read more…]

North Carolina Sideboard

A beautiful, inlaid sideboard from North Carolina. Made out of solid walnut, this piece features bell flower inlay at the top of the legs with string inlay below and inlay on all the doors and drawers. [Read more…]

Hanging Spice Cabinet

This is an unusual hanging spic cabinet. Made out of polar, this lidded cabinet has the look and feel of a candle box. Once the lid is opened and the drawer pulled out, one deduces very quickly this is not a “regular” hanging candle box. [Read more…]

American Shaving Stand

American Shaving Stand

An outstanding, American shaving stand, or dressing mirror, is made out of mahogany. This is the best shaving stand we have ever owned! Made at the end of the 18th century, the craftmanship on this piece is something to see. [Read more…]

Eagle Door Knocker

Eagle Door Knocker

This beautiful door knocker has a bald eagle on top. Made out of solid brass, it is in excellent, working condition. [Read more…]

Hepplewhite Card Table

A pretty, Hepplewhite card table made out of solid mahogany with ovolo corners. The apron and legs are nicely inlaid. Each leg has nice string inlay work with and inlaid cuff at the foot. The edge of the top has two beaded lines. [Read more…]

Pair of Marble Top Tables

A beautiful pair of marble top, mixing tables. A single mixing table is quite rare but a matched pair is fantastic! This beautiful pair of tables were originally made for a dining room or formal living room to hold and mix alcoholic beverages. [Read more…]

Oak Barrister Bookcase With Lead Panes

Wow! A word one does not often utter when viewing a barrister bookcase. To find a barrister bookcase that is totally untouched and in excellent condition is a joy. That’s right. This piece is all original! [Read more…]