Dishtop, Walnut Candlestand

A wonderful, solid walnut candlestand. When one first sees this piece, the dishtop really stands out, and it should. However, it gets better the more one studies it. First, the finish is old but in great shape. It has a wonderful patina to it. Then one notices the wonderful figured walnut in the top. However, it is at this point that what makes this piece unique really jumps out. There are three pegs in the top. These pegs are original and go all the way through the top and through the board on the underside. This board is what is connected to the pedestal. [Read more…]

Oval Candlestand

A nice, oval candlestand. This table has a two board top that is 23” by 14 ¾”. The cherry base goes beautifully with Honduras mahogany top. [Read more…]

Irish Candlestand

“Wow!” The first word that comes to mind when one sees this table for the first time. From the top to the pedestal to the feet, this table has it all. Made somewhere around 1775, this table is the epitome of high style and taste. [Read more…]