North Carolina Chest

A lovely, 2 over 4 chest of drawers. Made out of solid walnut, this chest features nice string inlaid drawer fronts and barber pole inlay above the shaped apron at the base. [Read more…]

Dishtop, Walnut Candlestand

A wonderful, solid walnut candlestand. When one first sees this piece, the dishtop really stands out, and it should. However, it gets better the more one studies it. First, the finish is old but in great shape. It has a wonderful patina to it. Then one notices the wonderful figured walnut in the top. However, it is at this point that what makes this piece unique really jumps out. There are three pegs in the top. These pegs are original and go all the way through the top and through the board on the underside. This board is what is connected to the pedestal. [Read more…]

54” Wide, Walnut Dining Room Table

This beautiful, solid walnut dining room table is most impressive. When seen for the first time, the soft warmth of the walnut is what one first notices. Next, the sheer size of the table is impressive. [Read more…]

Oval Marble Top Table

An oval marble top table. This lovely table has a delightfully light and airy base. In truth, the design of this base is virtually identical to a signed table that was probably made in the same shop. [Read more…]

Walnut High Chair

Walnut High Chair, Circa 1890

A rare walnut, Victorian high chair with original tray.  The high chair has been reglued and refinished.  Note the pretty crest rail and burl walnut veneer on it.

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Walnut Stepback Cupboard

Walnut Stepback Cupboard with Pie Shelf, Circa 1810

A wonderful walnut stepback cupboard with 3 drawers and a pie shelf.  The finish appears to be completely original.  The mullions are very pretty.  It separates into 2 pieces.

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Walnut Bookcase

A solid walnut bookcase with the two drawers. The back breaks down into 7 pieces so it is easy to move. Two drawers in the base give it some extra and flexible storage.

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Walnut Eastlake Bed

Walnut Eastlake Bed

A stunning high back bed made during the Eastlake period. It is made out of solid walnut with extensive burl and oyster shell walnut veneers over solid walnut.

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