Serpentine Front Sideboard

A striking, Hepplewhite sideboard with extensive inlay work. It is impossible to miss all of the incredible inlay work on this piece. One cannot help but start with the inlaid fans in the corners and under the main drawer. [Read more…]

Anglo-Indian Sideboard

“WOW!  What is that!  Is that carving?”

These are the first words that come to mind when one first sees this piece. First, to say it is “amazing, stunning, or unbelievable” simply doesn’t do it. Second, the pictures below simply cannot relate the visual impact this piece has. It’s presence, character, and…awesomeness can only be experienced in person. [Read more…]

Rosewood Banded Pembroke Table

Rosewood Banded Pembroke Table

WOW! Wow, just seem to be enough. A striking pembrooke table made with satinwood and rosewood banding. The top is bowed and has a drawer in the front and a faux drawer in the back. [Read more…]