Walnut Bookcase

A lovely, solid walnut bookcase. Made with 4 shelves, 3 adjustable, this bookcase is in great condition. [Read more…]

Pair of Occasional Tables

A lovely pair of Victorian occasional stands with heavy Empire influence. There is so much to like about this pair of tables that it is hard to know where to start!

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Desk Sets from Victorian to Art Nouveau

A stellar collection of desks sets from 1885-1915. Most are made out of brass. One large piece is bronze and a smaller two piece set is probably a metal allow. The bronze set is the only one we have ever had out of that material. [Read more…]

54” Wide, Walnut Dining Room Table

This beautiful, solid walnut dining room table is most impressive. When seen for the first time, the soft warmth of the walnut is what one first notices. Next, the sheer size of the table is impressive. [Read more…]

Oval Gold Leaf Mirror

Oval Gold Leaf Mirror

A rare, oval, gold leaf mirror with its original gilding. Oval mirror are very uncommon. Have it gilded and the mirror becomes rare.

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Victorian Marble Top Sideboard

A pretty, marble top sideboard from the Victorian era. The high back with impressive, bookend matched veneers on the top and bottom of this piece make a lasting impression. It catches the eye and holds it. [Read more…]

Victorian Banquet Lamp

Victorian Banquet Lamp, Circa 1875

This beautiful Victorian banquet lamp is brass and nickel plated.  Take particular note of the craftsmanship.  The details make this lamp.

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