Hepplewhite Chest

This pretty, four drawer chest Is made out of solid mahogany. The string inlay really stands out against the figured mahogany. The combination of the two is very pleasing. [Read more…]

Southern Sideboard

A nice Hepplewhite sideboard with original finish. That’s right, this piece has not been refinished! It does have a nice warm glow that only comes from many years of waxing. Of course, the older finish does lead the piece to having a bit of a darker tone but having the original surface is worth it. [Read more…]

New York Sideboard

A striking, Hepplewhite sideboard. This beautiful piece was most likely made in New York City around the end of the American Revolution or a bit later. The mahogany has rich striping and really catches the eye. [Read more…]

Gilded Hepplewhite Mirror

Wow! This classical, gilded mirror is in outstanding condition and is virtually untouched. First, look closely at the eagle. It appears to be poised to leap off the frame and fly. The carving is simply, breathtaking. [Read more…]

18th Century Camelback Sofa

A beautiful, mahogany camelback from the 18th century. Sofas this early are rare. This one features tapered, Hepplewhite legs with molded fronts. [Read more…]

Set of 14 Shield Back Chairs

This is a first for us… a set of 14 Hepplewhite, period, shield back chairs.  People are always asking for sets of 12 chairs and here we have 14.  Yes, 14.  14!

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Set of 12 Period Chairs

An impressive set of period. Hepplewhite, shield back, chairs.  If one has ever wanted 12 chairs, here is your chance!

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Banded Satinwood Pembrooke Table

Banded Satinwood Pembrooke Table

An “eye popping”, “jaw dropping” pembrooke table from the late 18th century. This stunning, Hepplewhite table is veneered in satinwood and has rosewood banding and accents. [Read more…]